Upholstery And Mattress Cleaning Cypress

Did you know that health experts recommend that your bedroom mattresses should be steamed cleaned at least twice or three times a year? Frequent professional mattress cleaning can improve your bedroom air quality, reduce respiratory problems, and actually make for a better nights sleep. In addition having all of your upholstered furniture throughout your house professionally cleaned periodically can improve the overall air quality of your home, remove unpleasant odors that is absorbed by your upholstery and leave your entire home looking and smelling fresher and cleaner.

How Cleaning Your Mattresses and Upholstery Improves In Home Air Quality

No matter how often you vacuum your upholstery and bedroom mattresses dust manages to work their way deep into the upholstery fibers. Every time you sit in a chair or on your sofa, or place your feet on that ottoman or lie down in your bed, you send thousands of particles of dust into the air, thereby polluting and contaminating the air in your home. This can be a real problem in homes where people may have asthma or other respiratory problems as this circulating dust will be breathed in by family members.

In addition, perfume, sweat, hair oils, cooking odors and even accidents can leave unsightly marks and stains on your furniture or unpleasant odors emancipating from your furniture. Which makes your home look and smell less than clean.

To complicate matters, cleaning that upholstery and those mattresses and box springs is no easy task as each different type of upholstery may require a different cleaning treatment or product and that rental or purchased home cleaning equipment and cleaning products may not be up to the task, or worse may actually leave behind wet upholstery, water spots or running colors.

The good news is that the professional upholstery technicians at Cypress Carpet Cleaning have the skill and the right tools to get the job done right.

We Clean All Types of Upholstery

We clean all types of furniture and all types of upholstery from the smallest ottoman to large sectional sofa. Our skilled and trained technicians can clean the following types of upholstery:

  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Velvet
  • Polyester
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Handmade or machine made

We Provide Odor and Stain Removal Too

When we clean your upholstery, we don’t just give it a surface clean, we also remove those spots and stains and odors as well so that your upholstery not only looks clean and bright, but smells great too. Of course our organic cleaners won’t leave behind any chemical odors or residue either which also improves overall air quality.

We Clean More than just Upholstery

As part of our upholstery cleaning service we will also clean your curtains, drapes, and blinds and even those tapestries hanging on the walls to help your entire room look brighter and cleaner.

If you have questions about upholstery cleaning services, would like a free estimate or want to schedule a free consultation or cleaning give us a call at 832-240-1580.

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